Unique And Fun Happy Birthday Balloons

Instead of ordering standard (boring!) balloons for a birthday, why not try our walking animal balloons instead?

Balloons have been part of our celebrations for around 100 years now, with the first sausage shaped designs appearing in 1912. However, they were invented in the late Victorian era when the British scientist Michael Faraday produced them in his laboratory, although his aim was to use them for experiments rather than parties!

Whether you’re organising a child or adult’s birthday party, Lycia Limited has a range of super-fun and original balloons.

No matter if it’s a big birthday like an 18th or a family birthday, Lycia Limited makes it easier to celebrate any occasion with style.

Our helium balloons are ideal for all sorts of celebrations and last for around 7-8 days. All are brand-new and of the finest possible quality.

With our colourful and eye-catching balloons, it’s easy to decorate any venue, making it fun and colourful.

Know someone who loves the magic of unicorns? Among our collections is this Unicorn Shaped Foil Balloon which is a great addition to any event. Like all our walking animal balloons, it’s made from the finest materials and is sold deflated so you can prepare it for your event on the day.

If you’re looking for original Happy Birthday balloons, don’t forget to explore our latest range at Lycia Limited. Or contact our friendly team for more information.