Graze Dressings soft and flexible material for comfort, Pack of 8 non-stick pads




This pack of Graze Dressings contains eight individual dressings in two sizes that are hypoallergenic skin friendly protection for small wounds and cuts from dirt and germs. Each dressing includes a non-stick gauze pad to prevent the plaster sticking directly to the wound and limiting irritation. Boots Adhesive Wound Dressings are self-securing for easy application. These dressings have a highly absorbent pad with a low adherent surface which means they do not stick to wounds. They also have a hypoallergenic adhesive so they are kind to sensitive skin.

Key feature:

Are constructed from soft and flexible material for comfort. The non-stick pads are durable comfortable and helps to prevent adhesion tithe wound and so promotes faster healing.

Each individual pack contains 8 dressings.

Exceptional stretch & conforming properties. Supplied in a peel able pouch. Steropore is a soft and pliable adhesive dressing which may be used for post-operative wounds, minor lacerations or grazes.

How to use:

Safely clean the wound.

Apply the dressing to the wound pressings down the edges firmly.

Apply a fresh dressing as required


Non-woven cotton/polyester, polyethylene, Film and medical adhesive

Packaged Dimensions:

17cm x 11cm x 3cm

Packaged Weight:



Condition New


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