Fairy Dust, Perfect for making a sparkly


Fairy Dust, Perfect for making a sparkly


Fairy Dust is a magical blend of cosmetically licensed glitters, perfect for making a sparkly statement. It's safe to wear on the face and body, and although the bottle is tiny (only 4cm tall including stopper) a little goes a remarkably long way!

Use it on your face as make-up, or add it to wet nail varnish for sparkly nails. Sprinkle a little under a pillow as a tooth fairy gift, or pop the bottles in party bags.


Very easy to use just simply apply to moisturizes clean skin & Light weight.


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Key feature

  • Apothecary's Magic Dust is richer, darker colours of fairy dust, intended to appeal to those not into pink- especially boys.
  • Perfect for all ages little ones & teenagers particularly love it! Safe to use on your face or body
  • Goodies Apothecary's magic dust in various colours, housed in miniature bottles with bung.
  • The glitter can be sprinkled as a spell, popped onto a pillow at bedtime to scare away monsters, or generally worn/thrown around/used to decorate!
  • Cosmetically approved across the EU and USA, the glitter is made in the UK.

Colour:Baby Pink/Blue/Bubble-gum/Gold/Green/Lilac/Purple/Silver/White


Usage: Safe to wear on the face and body

Shape:Small bottle

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