Betallic, Good Quality & Brilliantly Looking Birthday Balloons, Flawless foil balloons for Birthday


 Printed and Solid Balloons- Bring on the balloons! Wish them a very happy birthday with these brilliantly executed Balloons.  Ideal for what? – These balloons are Ideal for children's birthday parties and birthday decorations, and lot more!  Product Warnings and Disclaimer- Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons.  Outstanding for gifting purpose- You can present it to children & friends as a gift. Each Birthday Balloon is brought to life by inflating it with helium  High Quality and Durable- These balloons are made with high-quality materials, and special inflation valves designed for long-lasting fun, easy to inflate by a straw or pump.


Happy Birthday, Round Party Balloon will look GREAT for the various occasion whether as balloon bouquet or rounding out the decor for a birthday party, baby shower or kids parties. Please inflate the gas slowly until 90% filled and keep away from fire, because of the thermal expansion (the inflate pump are not included). Your balloon will arrive in a sealed packet so that you can choose when to inflate it.

Please Note: This balloon may conduct electricity. Do not release the balloon outdoors or near overhead power lines. Do not use a metallic ribbon with the balloon. Use with counterweights.

It is ideal or Special for all party celebration foil balloons You will need to get these blown up with helium from your local card store or purchase a helium canister. These foil balloons are meant to be filled with helium and are completely self-sealing so you do not have to worry about any fiddly tying or knotting. These cute balloons will look great whatever the occasion and will certainly keep the kids happy.

Product Features:

              Colour: Rose, Gold, Grey
Material: Foil
Shape: Circle

It can be inflated with helium, use the pump or straw to blow the balloon. Can be stored for years and reusable.

The Balloon is not flexible, so it better be filled with only 70%-80% helium. We are not responsible for the consequences of misuse.


As Customer’s Satisfaction is our first priority, so don’t be hesitate while buying these balloons. We will give best service and if you will not happy for the purchase, then we will take serious action to make you happy.


Brand Betallic
Condition New


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