Baby-Star-Shower-3D very attractive, stylish and good quality foil balloon for Baby Play & bath


Bullets Point: ★ SUPPORTABLE FOR: These balloons can be filled with normal any type of gas and hydrogen or helium for walking effect ★ MATERIAL: High quality of foil helium Each balloon is brought to life by inflating, it can be pumped by handheld air pump easily ★ PERFECT FIT FOR: Any type of party, birthday celebration and any other Festivals, It’s a good gift to your lovely kids and all age groups ★ MANY TYPE OF SHAPES: We have many type of shape animals balloon which we showed as on pictures: Rabbit, Dinosaur, Horse, Duck, Chicken, Pug, cartoons  Reindeer, Dog, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Turtle, Frog, Beetle, Penguin, Car, Pig, Sheep and etc.


Special foil balloons for Baby Play, bath, Shower-3D and fun, best gift for baby’s birthday.
You can take for a walk! These cute balloons come with weighted feet attached and give the effect of walking. The ribbon is attached and acts as the lead, you will need to get these blown up with helium from your local card store or purchase a helium canister. Kids Parties, Summer or Winter Parties, Work Parties, Fairs or Fetes, Plus many more! These foil balloons are meant to be filled with helium and are completely self-sealing so you do not have to worry about any fiddly tying or knotting. These cute balloons will look great whatever the occasion and will certainly keep the kids happy. The tab will have a small opening, with a strip located inside, you need to locate the side of the strip and pull to one side, then push the Nozzle inside carefully to fill with air.

It can be inflated with helium, use the pump or straw to blow the balloon. Can be stored for years and reusable.
A foil balloon can be used for 6-14 hours after each inflation, so please inflate the balloon on the same day as your party day.

The Balloon is not flexible, so it better be filled with only 70%-80% Air. We are not responsible for the consequences of misuse.

We are committed to providing customers with high quality products and service.

Green and white
Material: Foil
Brand Name: Grabo
Shape: Baby shower
Size: 42”


Brand Betallic
Condition New


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