Apothecary's Magic Dust


Apothecary's Magic Dust


Apothecarys Magic Dust is a collection of multiple colours, variation on our Fairy Dust, in darker, richer colours. Perfect for use as a cosmetic (its tested and safe to wear on the face and body) its also great for spells, party bags and just collecting. Supplied in tiny clear plastic bottles, Apothecarys Magic Dust is super-fine and a little goes a very long way (and lasts for ages!). Cosmetically approved across the EU and USA, and made in the UK.


Very easy to use just simply apply to moisturizes clean skin & Light weight.


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Key feature

  • Apothecary's Magic Dust is richer, darker colours of fairy dust, intended to appeal to those not into pink- especially boys.
  • Perfect for all ages little ones & teenagers particularly love it! Safe to use on your face or body
  • Goodies Apothecary's magic dust in various colours, housed in miniature bottles with bung.
  • The glitter can be sprinkled as a spell, popped onto a pillow at bedtime to scare away monsters, or generally worn/thrown around/used to decorate!
  • Cosmetically approved across the EU and USA, the glitter is made in the UK.

Colour:Blue/Copper/Gold/Green/Red/Red & Black


Usage: Safe to wear on the face and body

Shape:Small bottle

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